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S1 E9: Cliffton (Cliff Damage) Bishop Renaissance Man

Updated: Mar 11, 2021

Artist: Cliff Damage

Bands: Torus, The Casket Creatures, Graveyard Gospel

Instrument: Bass

Interview: Podbean, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Pandora, Amazon, and Pocket Casts

Cliffton is and Atlanta native artist who has been in several local bands. For the past 20 plus years he played with The Casket Creatures a horror rock band who's songs about psycho killers, Halloween, and monster movie plots are loud, in your face, and raw. Lately Cliffton has taken a break from the stage to work on his knife making skills. His wears can be found on Facebook and he takes custom orders. Cliffton is the creator of the Art Zine (comic book) Bonerz McDonald's about a Skeleton and his adventures going through 'Hell", life, depression, and many other adventures. Yes these stories may be loosely based on the creator's experiences.

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