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Dayglo Mourning- The "cool dads"

Updated: Sep 5, 2020

Band: Dayglo Mourning

Genre: Doom Metal

Members: Ray Miner – Drums, Jerimy McNeil – Bass/Vocals, Joseph Mills – Guitar/Vocals

Label: Black Doomba Records

Interview: Podbean, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Play

DayGlo Mourning (DGM) is a Doom Metal trio based out of the Atlanta area. With less than three years on the scene, they have already landed on two albums produced by #BlackDoombaRecords. The first release “Rope enough for Two” is a split LP that landed in the summer of 2018 featuring DGM and #BloodyGyres. The next appearance was in 2019 when the single “Busla’s Curse” made it onto the compilation album “Doombanomicon” featuring local and national acts such as #Doomstress, #Wichcross, #OrderoftheOwl and others. Keeping the momentum going, DGM has just signed a new contract with Black Doomba Records that will result in a full-length album to be released later in 2020. DGM’s music is a thundering, down-tuned, plodding, homage to classic doom metal. Live shows are gratuitous displays of amp worship and decibels aimed at pulling the crowd together in the time honored tradition of the head bang. Once the new album drops, the band will be focused on bringing it to all the southeast stomping grounds while adding potential runs north and to the west. You can find DGM’s music on iTunes, Spotify, Bandcamp as well as through the label Black Doomba Records.

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