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Mandy Lane (Mandy Piano)

Artist: Mandy Lane

Studio: Mandy Piano

Specialty: "All things piano"

Interview: Podbean, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Play

Mandy is a small business owner, wife, mother, and an exceptional teacher with years of experience both playing and teaching piano. While she teaches all ages and all types of children; her breakthroughs with own differently challenged children have really inspired her to work with others with learning delays, ADD, Spectrum Disorder, and other learning and behavioral challenges. Mandy also plays private events as well as tunes and repairs pianos. She played at my wedding in 2012 and people still mention how much they loved the non-traditional music. Her willingness to think "out of the box", and her love of whimsy, fun, and attention to details make her not quite your typical pianist or teacher.


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