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S 1 E 2: Rachael (DJ Little Ray) Spiewak Rising Up From the Ashes to the Mic

Updated: Mar 11, 2021

Artist: DJ Little Ray

Interview: Podbean, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Pandora, Pocket Cast

Rachael got her start DJ-ing Atlanta house parties and clubs, then starting basically becoming the spokes woman for the non-profit SOPO bikes. She then moved on to bigger things DJ-ing in NYC. She went on to do shows with some of the biggest DJs and made it look easy while spinning. She went from there to a strange move to Florida to become a wife, step mom, bio mom, small business woman, and inspiration to many.

Rachael currently runs "Tribe Rockers" Facebook group where she teaches people how to set up and grow your groups and pages. Her story has more ups, downs,

twists, and turns, than a water slide at a fund park. Somehow like a cat she lands on her feet not only to "spin" another day, but to thrive and inspire everyone around her.

Find her on:


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