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Who is your host Kortni Kaye???

Well if you ask me I am many things to a few people and a few things to many people.

To quote Meredith, my maid of honor at my wedding, "Kortni is a very private person."

Now why would anyone say that a purple haired, loud talking, tattooed, theatre major who got in trouble in school for talking too much during class and is now the host of her own podcast a private person? Well this could have come about due to several events in my life.

This could be a result of my family moving around so *much that I rarely got to make close friends. Always being the new kid trying to make friends is absolutely exhausting and knowing that you will probably move again soon makes you kinda want to keep to yourself. This could explain why when I first went to college I wasn't so eager to make new friends. I guess walking around with my head in a book with headphones on when I wasn't in class, playing video games, or sleeping might make it hard for approach me. Seriously it took Meredith several months to wear me down with her cheerleader like bouncy energy and her refusal to take my brush offs seriously. I suppose that could be why she would later say that about me in her wedding speech. This could also be said by my family because while I have written and published several pieces of my writings; I have always been reluctant to let them read the ones I have not published. While all of these things are true about me the fact of the matter is that this what our theatre director Dr. Dan Robbins wrote under my section in the playbill for an upcoming show due to the fact that I missed the deadline to turn in my bio. Apparently my friend seemed to agree with what our was written in that bio all those years ago.

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